Secure Facilities Management

In 2007, TechComp upgraded an existing access control system for a six story city jail. The system is based on Wonderware ArchestrA along with GE PLC’s to provide gate and access control to the six story municipal jail. The system also provides control for the transportation area, exterior gates, and remote annexes for housing non-violent offenders. A Bosch camera system was integrated with 140 cameras, DVR system, and control capability. The camera system was designed to allow maximum visibility at each access point for any of the control stations within the jail. A call and access control system was also integrated into the application which allows two way communication for security verification and validation.  

This system includes a central control room with four clients that allow deputies the ability to control and monitory the entire jail. Remote station control throughout the jail can be assigned control and monitoring capability with the central station authorization. Each client displays the status of the system as well as access control requests, has an audio interface, and allows up to four monitors that display selected cameras with Pan-Tilt-Zoom control of the selected cameras.

TechComp has been providing new installation services, ongoing support, emergency support and enhancement requests to the system as requested.     


  • Wonderware InTouch
  • GE PLCs
  • AB PLCs
  • Commend Intercom Systems
  • Bosch Cameras