Facility Management

Yard Management System


TechComp designed, developed, installed, and currently maintains the Newport News Shipbuilding’s Yard Management System. Spanning more than 550 acres at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Newport News shipyard sits on 2.5 miles of waterfront property along the James River. Their facilities range from manufacturing to dry docks and piers.

The Yard Management System is used to monitor the shipyard’s operations including City Water, River water, Sewage stations, Fire and sprinkler system, Dry docks, Sea Water, Welding Gas, Boiler system, Deionized water, Pipe Heat Tracking, Tunnel Monitoring ( air flow, temperature,  and access),  High & Low Pressure Air System, Steam System, Electrical Utilities, Compressors, Energy Usages Monitoring. Propane, Fuel Tanks for leak detection and levels in the yard, Chemical Waste Treatment, Oily Waste Treatment, Gas Farms, and other operations.

This application is the Largest Wonderware Archestra Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System of its type on the East Coast. The system interfaces with over 125 control systems though out the ship yard. While the systems major function is to monitor and alert personnel of alarm condition, it also provides detailed graphics and trending to the operation of the yard. A large historian and reporting system monitors the ship yards operation and allows any personell within the ship yard to view and export data throught a web-based reporting system.

TechComp began the original project in 2000 and has since provided remote and onsite support for system-wide management, modifications, software updates, and general maintenance.